Jean-Pierre Meersseman and his Milan Team now provide a World Class Injury Prevention and Sports Medical facility at Lister House, Wimpole  Street, London.

Meersseman Lab London will attract top sports people and teams from around the world.

The Meersseman Lab Team currently based in Milan and London propose to develop the worlds leading injury prevention and sports medicine centre in London. Located at Wimpole Street, the Meersseman Lab will house the worlds leading sports practitioners and provide world-class treatment, facilities and technology, delivering to both visiting and local athletes the perfect rehabilitation, training and injury prevention services.


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  1. Making available the measurable benefits behind the famous MilanLab.

  2. Featuring the world’s leading sports medical team.

  3. World class injury prevention team.

  4. World class healthcare team.

  5. World class groundbreaking treatment

  6. World class location.

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Milan Lab in London (2:19)

22nd January 2013

World-renowned medic Jean-Pierre Meersseman, who was behind AC Milan's "Milan Lab" and who has helped footballers like David Beckham is coming to the UK to work with top Premier League players.